SEO and SEM Services

SEO vs SEM Overview


Edmonton Webmaster has been providing SEO and SEM for commercial websites since 2007.

How SEO Works

We change and add tags and/or reword portions of your web pages to achieve better ranking for generic Google search terms.

Why Optimize?

Search Engine Optimization is one of the main ranking factors for generic Google searches and can give free clicks for future years.


Optimization has the best Return on Investment as there are no click charges and results remain (unlike ad campaigns).

Search Engine Optimization


Beat the Competition on Generic Search Terms

  • No click charges
  • You are not locked Into a term
  • First month SEO $1200 month
  • Next 5 months SEO $1000 month
  • Month 7 onwards $650 or $250 monthly
  • Hourly Rate $95
Steps in Process
  • You supply a list of the desired search terms
  • Identify your competition
  • We research to hone in on the “best keywords”
  • We research your competition for comparisons
  • We come to an agreement on keywords
  • We integrate keywords into content, etc
  • We audit your website to find problem areas
  • We audit to locate missing codes and scripts
  • We alter your site based on audits
  • We implement and monitor what we change regularly
  • Continued tweaks and mods increase rank
  • When search algorithms change, we change
Ranking Factors
  • Website popularity
  • Content quality
  • Website speed
  • Website structure
  • Coding errors
  • Website age
  • Backlink quality
  • Backlink quantity
  • Social media visibility
  • Google reviews
  • Google penalties
Savings for You

The cost per click of Organic SEO continues to increase in value over time by you not having to pay for click charges and other fees that accompany “Pay per Click” Ad Campaigns.

More About SEO

Visit our SEO website to learn more

SEM Search Engine Marketing


Campaign Set Up and Management

  • One time campaign set up fee $700
  • Monthly management option $300
  • Discounts for multiple campaigns
  • You pay campaign fees
  • You pay click charges
  • Hourly Rate $95

Google Ads create almost immediate results for generic search terms when bids are high enough to beat other businesses. An auction is run based on their terms.

  • The instant you stop paying, you no longer show up on paid search results or campaign affiliated websites
  • Paid campaigns available on social media platforms.