Edmonton Web Developer Open or Not

Edmonton Webmaster has 15 years of direct experience in increasing website visibility on Google with organic SEO. We modify your pages to help move them upwards in Google. Tracking software reports changes in rank for chosen terms. We change portions of individual web pages to achieve better positions in Google searches. Your website optimization is one of the main ranking factors for Google searches.

Organic SEO or SEM (Adwords)?

Although it takes more time and effort to show up with organic SEO, the value per advertising dollar can be significantly higher than that of Adword campaigns, even during the first year. After the first year, rankings continue to increase and the relative cost per click of organic SEO continues to become an even better value.

On the other hand, Google Ads (Adwords) can create almost immediate results for new terms when bid properly in controlled campaigns.  Please note that the instant you stop paying click charges, you no longer show up on searches. If you do not set it up right, your ads may show to the wrong audience at the wrong time in the wrong part of the world.

 Our Optimization Process

Our process involves optimizing your website for loading speeds and Google search algorithms. The time and effort in making changes and tracking results is extreme during the first six months. We use code to enhance web page visibility. Existing links and backlinks are analyzed and optimized as needed. Important connections to critical areas of Google are made. Errors in code that can be corrected are repaired. Images are optimized to improve download speeds.

The next six months involve tweaking content in tags and pages as well as further refinement of actions performed during the first six months. Constant tracking allows for calculated changes to your pages. After that, monthly monitoring along with required changes continue to help your rankings on Google.

month 1-6

* 6 Month Minimum Commitment

month 6-12

* Month by Month

after 1 year

* Month by Month
250 /month