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The Edmonton Webmaster Corporation started building websites in 2005 under the leadership of Harry Niemi.

His marketing background and never ending curiosity with new web technologies has helped Edmonton Webmaster grow.

Today, we provide our clients with Edmonton SEO services and advice in several other key internet marketing areas.

Harry Niemi

"I look forward to helping your business reach the next level on the internet. Tell me about yourself and your business goals and I will provide you with some really good choices."

Edmonton Consumer Choice Award | Web Site Design & Development 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Google Search & our Edmonton SEO Services

Increasing the awareness of your brand on-line can be a daunting task. Edmonton Webmaster has over 10 years of direct experience with websites and increasing their visibility on Google with organic SEO. We'll get you running!

If your web site is not on the first two pages for organic google searches, your website will not be opened very often.

Higher Rank = More Clicks = More Visitors = More Opportunities = More Business

We monitor the performance of your chosen keywords on google and other search engines and modify your pages to move those pages upwards. Google Analytics and custom tracking software follow changes in your rankings and we optimize based on those results.
Value of Organic Position #1 Rank

On Page SEO - Organic Search Engine Optimization

In the past, search engines could be tricked into ranking sites higher by overloading certain tags and content. This does not work anymore. On-page SEO is still the most effective way to move up in search rank for the long term.

Google has continued to improve their algorithms and penalizes for stuffing keywords and other practices. Organic SEO rankings rise with on-page SEO, however rankings are also affected by several off page factors.

Organic SEO rankings are valuable to you as they send business your way without having to pay for adword clicks. They are nine times more likely to be clicked vs an adword result.
94% Organic SEO vs 6% Pay per Click Adwords

Off-Page SEO - Social Media & Backlinks

Google continues to add new metrics to their algorithms. Along with traffic volume to your site, google gives value for good backlinks and penalizes for poor ones. The same ranking philosophy applies to third party reviews and comments about your website across social media.

We can help you with
  • social media setup
  • complete social media management
  • backlink service
You choose what you require. Get a Quote

SEM - Search Engine Marketing - Adwords

Google Adwords are a great way to promote your business on-line quickly without waiting for organic SEO results to rise.

Google runs a new adword auction for every search. Your campaign bid and website quality score determine where and whether your ad appears in Google's search results.

It is also likely that when someone is in a rush for a service or product, that the Sponsored Ads at the top of the page will get clicked. We manage aggressive pay per click campaigns (SEM) for select clients. You set the budget and we look after the rest.
Cost of Adwords

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