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Edmonton Webmaster has been providing custom websites to Edmonton clients for over 15 years. We provide you with a responsive web design based on your exact needs. Our company has custom coded sites from scratch for several years. We use Bootstrap and WordPress for web development and use our expertise with custom coding whenever it is needed. 

Web Development for SEO

When we look after organic search engine optimization for your website, we routinely adjust tags and contents to increase google search engine rankings for generic and specific keywords and terms. Generate new business from generic online searches

Responsive Design

All of our new websites use popular frameworks to display error-free on every device. Our web sites are structured with SEO results in mind. 


Unlike Wordpress, when a site built with Bootstrap is opened, your browser does not need to download most of the code. Fast load speeds are accomplished by using cached code from cloud servers worldwide. 

This gives your website a boost on google searches and super fast loading speeds on mobile devices. Bottom line, you get to keep more visitors on your site. Most people will click another link if a site loads too slow. 

This is a Bootstrap website

Bootstrap Basics

This is a turnkey, hands-off solution for clients that want to focus on their business rather than constantly learning web technologies.

Minor content changes are free of charge with our SEO service or billed at our hourly rate of $85.

Starting at $2500


Wordpress is one of the most popular free content management systems out there. The appeal of Wordpress is the ability for end users to make changes to content themselves. This can have a detrimental impact on SEO.

Wordpress runs on linked database tables and is customized by addiing plug-ins and themes. They in turn link to the Wordpress core. 
 Wordpress Structure

Wordpress negatives are complexity, slow development speeds, a lack of flexibility and much slower download speeds for visitors. 
Wordpress requires routine updates to run properly as do most of the plug-ins in use. Many plug-ins are subscription based and require annual payments and regular updates to run properly.

Update maintenance for plug-ins and the Wordpress core are billed at our hourly rate of $85.

Starting at $3000

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