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Edmonton Webmaster has won the Consumer Choice Award from 2011 through to 2018 for Web Design Companies north of Red Deer, Alberta. We provide fast, friendly, personalized web services. Call 780-479-5811 today.

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Web Developer

We create custom web designs with  popular frameworks such as BootStrap and WordPress. We also custom code sites with HTML5 and CSS3.
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14 Years and Counting

14 years of knowledge gained by hosting and custom coding websites,  coupled with state-of-the-art equipment and powerful software allow us to make your on-line visions a reality.
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Organic SEO

Edmonton Webmaster has 14 years of direct experience with SEO on Google. Promote your keywords for the long term with organic SEO. Show up for generic searches. Our SEO services create long lasting results that are affordable.
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Search Engine Marketing SEM

We create and maintain Google Adword campaigns for clients. Promote your keywords for the long term with organic SEO or show up quickly with Google Adwords. Campaign Management from $300.
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High resolution photos tweaked with modern post-editing software give you the best image quality possible. Image quality is also a factor in google SEO ranking algorythms.
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Enhance your website with video. We can shoot short promotional videos starting at $500 .
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Organic SEO or Adwords

Although it takes more time and effort to show up with SEO on organic searches, the ROI is almost 6 times that of Adword campaigns. On the other hand, Adwords can create almost immediate results. 
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Vectored Graphics

Having logos and other promotional items look great on any device is a must. We transform existing images into vectored graphics making them scaleable and crisp at any resolution. 
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Cloud Hosting & SSL Certificates

Websites that we maintain are hosted in the cloud on high-speed servers with SSL. Load times and overall performance are up to 5 times the speed of traditional web hosting.
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Off Page Optimization

Google rankings are influenced by off-page factors as well as your website. Visibility in social media, backlinks, mobile friendliness, and load speeds all effect your rank in Google.
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Photos & Video

How We Help Your Business

We help your business by increasing the number of on-line opportunities with new clients. The internet brings in new business. We are your consultant and will help you with your efforts on-line.

Web Design in Edmonton

Modernize Your Web Site

We build html5 websites from the ground up as well as sites built with frameworks including Wordpress, Bootstrap and AMP.

All sites are responsive and display properly on desktop computers as well as the latest smart phones.

Photography, Video

Organic SEO & Adword Campaigns

We help businesses with Organic Search Engine Optimization as well as Google Adword Campaigns. Many of our clients have been with us for many years.

Edmonton vector graphics

Photography, Video & Graphics

Professional equipment and high quality post processing allow us to create the highest quality for the internet.

We have over 14 years of experience creating logos and vectored graphics.

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